Fake Call

Fake Call 1.1

Simulate incoming calls on your mobile


  • Effectively simulates incoming calls
  • Select the precise time and date to be called
  • Large, touch-friendly menu options


  • Doesn't save to your call registry
  • No incoming SMS simulation


We've all been in those awkward situations where we wished there was an excuse to leave a party, a meeting or a date. Fake Call offers you an escape route from these kind of scenarios by allowing you to simulate an incoming call.

Fake Call is dead easy to install and set up. You start by programming in the time you want the bogus call to come in. You can choose from an interval of one minute of five minutes, pick from more preset intervals, or enter an exact time and date yourself.

Then you need to select a contact who you want to pretend is ringing you. This can be anyone from your address book, or you could even create a new contact and use Fake Call to pretend it's them ringing you. This could be good for playing pranks on your pals, convincing them that Paris Hilton is phoning you for a chat, or that you're being invited to lunch with George Clooney.

The simple, touch-friendly user interface makes Fake Call very easy to use. However, it would be nice if there were a few more options, such as a feature for saving the fake calls to your call log, or simulating incoming SMS messages.

If you want a quick and foolproof way of getting out of an awkward or embarrassing moment, Fake Call provides a handy solution.

Fake Call


Fake Call 1.1

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